This post is all over the place. There, you have been warned.

*Not proofreading.  Not enough time today*

Life is rolling along here.  My brother fared well during San.dy.  What a relief!  He is such a great example.  He headed out yesterday to Qu.eens to help with some of the clean up.  He leaves later this week to head to my parents’ house because next weekend he is getting married!  What a guy!  I think there is a Nor’easter in the forecast so we are praying that doesn’t mess with travel and the wedding.  Speaking of which, someone asked me this week what a Nor’easter was.  Dorothy, you are not in Kansas anymore…

Input request- our dear friends are still pursuing adoption/PP.VI intervention (they are pretty frustrated with PP.VI stuff as apparently the phone system is a a disaster over there right now).  As we get closer to advent and the holidays I have been thinking about putting together a gift basket for them.  Kind of a “while you wait/hopeful” combo.  When we were TTC-ing, I went out and got us a beautiful baby block set to have something tangible to cling on to hope.  So, friends who have adopted, would you have appreciated receiving something like this?  Or would it seem trite or condescending?  I was thinking of including this book Mercy Minutes (Divine mercy devotion) in the while you wait category and maybe a book of bedtime stories on the “hopeful side.”  I was also thinking of trying to track a necklace charm that has a cross, anchor and heart for the 3 cardinal virtues for my friend.  Or maybe a gift card for a restaurant.  Things like that.  I was thinking of individually wrapping any of the hopeful/for use in the future gifts, so that if they aren’t up for that kind of stuff right now, they could just put it away without having to look at it.  Any thoughts?  Oh, and if you think this is the worst idea ever, please be gentle in your comments.

We all have either lingering symptoms from previous head colds or have colds currently.  It seems as though we have lost the whole fall to illness and colds.  We just can’t seem to kick this stuff.  I am hoping for some relief soon!  I have persistent post nasal drip and  Baby Chasing has another cold.  DH is still hacking from his cold from the past 2 weeks.  I really hope we can be healthy for next weekend!  Argh.

My lab failed to properly mail my blood work specimen again.  This is the second time my blood draw has “gotten lost” somewhere.  They keep blaming UPS, but as UPS usually appears to be competent and my lab rarely appears competent, I am be a little skeptical.  Just saying.

When we were visiting the in-laws, we got to catch up with these lovely ladies and their families-  It is always so much fun to see them.  Our meet ups have become one of my favorite parts of our visits to the in- laws.

I need to take some time and look at the organization pins I have on pinterest.  I hate that things don’t have a permanent “home” in our house.  We have a pretty small place, and just don’t have enough storage space.  I just can’t deal anymore with the clutter!

Last Friday was crazy including: air travel, sick husband, non sleeping toddler, sick dog, husband getting sicker, blood draw, ticks on the dog, the list goes on.  I may or may not have cried a little on the phone with my mom that evening.  I may have also said, “I don’t care if they are vomiting on each other, I will be going to my swim class tomorrow!”  It is a pretty entertaining story, but I need a good 10 minutes to tell it so prepare yourself if you want the gory details.

All right, off to buzz around the house in an attempt to get a zillion things that need to be done accomplished.  I am doubtful as to how much success I will have.






3 thoughts on “This post is all over the place. There, you have been warned.

  1. I’ve had post-nasal drip all Fall, so I feel for ya. And I like the idea for your friend. I think wrapping the “hopeful” gifts is a good idea too, just to show your sensitivity to the issue (although I’m sure she knows you, of all people, are sensitive to that!).

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