St. Patrick’s Day

We don’t have a lick of Irish in us, but I still wanted to do something for today’s feast day. Last year, my brother and sister in law gave D this book for his birthday.

We have been reading it for the last couple weeks and the boys seem to enjoy it. 

For dinner, I made paleo shepherd’s pie and paleo Irish soda bread. 

The Irish soda bread could have used a little extra time in the oven. The middle was a little too moist, but the perimeter turned out well!

The recipes are from Elana’s Pantry again.

I didn’t get a picture of the boys in their festive shirts because things are a little nuts around here right now. As for me, I didn’t wear green, but was festive with my coffee.

M’s birth story

On Sunday, February 8th, I started having real contractions at around 6:30 pm. At that point, I was 40 weeks 2 days and had already been to the chiropractor to start encouraging her exit. At my OB appointment on the previous Friday, I was “soft” but not dilated. Thankfully, my OB is amazing and he didn’t want to even talk induction until my 41 week appointment. He said, “Chasing, this is just how you go.”

My contractions stayed fairly spaced at the 12+ minute mark for the rest of the evening and into the early morning. I tried to sleep through and in between the contractions, but that became more difficult by about 1 am. I basically rested in between contractions from 1-4 am. At this point, they were headed toward the 7-9 minute mark and I thought we were making progress. At 4 am, dh wanted us to get showered and the car cleared of snow. Unfortunately, my shower slowed everything way down.

I went back to 15-20 minute between contractions. Thankfully, I was able to sleep for a few hours on the couch at that point. The contractions stayed slow for the morning and I returned to the chiropractor for another adjustment. She thought I was close, which I was happy to hear, but somewhat skeptical.

After lunch, the contractions continued and started to pick up slightly. I spent a good portion of the afternoon watching Friends on Netfix while sitting on an exercise ball. Throughout, I had my intention list handy and was able to pray for those intentions with each contraction. At about 4, I needed dh to come upstairs with me and coach me through contractions. The contractions were approaching 7 minutes and Dh wanted us to eat something and head toward the hospital. We ate at 5 and my contractions sped up to 5 minutes and we needed to leave as soon as we finished eating. I texted my doula and she started heading for the hospital. Dh called my OB en route.

We got to the delivery room at 6:03. In the previous hour I had at least 15 contractions. I got changed, got into bed and they checked me just as my doula showed up. I was at 10 and everyone started into high gear. I had tested positive for step b and they got the iv into my hand, but there was no time to get the meds. The nursing staff certainly tried though.

At this point, my body was in charge and wanted to push. The nursing staff kept telling me to stop pushing, but I could not stop. My doula had me blow my lips like a horse, but that only lasted so long. The staff had to pull a doc in from the floor to catch Miss M. I real push and she was out. My doctor didn’t make it in time. He arrived after they did the cord blood donation and took care of my repair.

She was born at 6:20 pm at 6 lbs 15 oz and 20 inches long. She came out with a full head of hair and another tongue and lip tie :-(

My wonderful catholic OB stuck around for a while and chatted with us. M nursed the whole 2 hours in recovery. The hospital has really improved since the last time I delivered there. They did all M’s assessments while she was on me for skin to skin and were fine with waiting to weigh her.

It is funny how things change with subsequent deliveries. I had such a long birth plan with N and I pretty much just cut and pasted it again for D. For M, my birth plan consisted of the following:
• please leave the baby and me alone
• ask before conducting procedures or protocols
• immediate skin to skin
• in case of grave circumstance, allow father, doula, or physician to baptism the baby

We were very blessed to have our catholic doula and physician. We have so much to be thankful for.

St Valentine’s Day

St Valentine’s Day was pretty minimal around here this year, given that we had just returned home from the hospital a few days prior. The kids wore red shirts and I made grain free cupcakes from Elana’s Pantry. D is off of  strawberries for the time being so I switched the recipe to raspberries and they turned out great. imageIf you haven’t checked out Elana’s Pantry yet, you should.

Changing my focus

A lot has changed in the last year since I blogged last. We had a tumultuous fall with a peanut allergy diagnosis and unrelenting eczema in D. Twelve days ago, I delivered Miss M. Almost as soon as we got home, the boys came down with a nasty head cold. All these plus Midwestern winters have made for a serious case of cabin fever.

I am considering renewing this blog again. With D’s complicated status right now, he is pretty much grain free and on a fairly limited diet. I have been working hard to find foods and recipes we can enjoy and that meet his needs. Also, I am trying to do some level of coordination with the liturgical year. As a result, I am thinking of using this space to document the recipes that work and how we celebrate different events, so that I have it in the future. We will see if I have the discipline to keep it up!

The Power and the Glory

I know I haven’t written in ages. Even though I don’t have much time right now to throw a post up, I did want to log on and tell you about an amazing book. I just finished reading The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene. It is a novel about a priest during the persecution in Mexico and it is
It has secured its place in my top 3 favorite novels eva. Do yourself an immense favor and read it when you get a chance. It is a pretty fast read and not very long so it is doable.
Feel free to thank me once you finish it ;-)

Appointments, Appointments, Appointments

I have been too preoccupied to blog. Baby D has been a little tricky. We have been to a GI/Integrative Peds physician to try to get his poor little tummy on track. I did a total elimination diet which helped some. It also helped me to lose all the baby weight + 18 extra lbs. I would love to lost another 10, we shall see. At this point, I would be thrilled just to be able to keep off what I have lost.

On Saturday, Baby D has his tongue/lip ties revised. Immediately following his birth, I noticed that his tongue looked like it was tied. However, I didn’t have any pain while nursing, so I forgot about it. At two months of age, I started having pain on the left side when he nursed. At first I thought he was getting lazy with his latch or we were developing thrush.

An acquaintance was having trouble nursing her new baby and a tongue tie was suspected. In an effort to help her out, I pulled out one of my textbooks and was brushing up on tongue tie. In the textbook, they provided instructions on how to do a manual exam to check for a tie. Well, I decided to practice on my infant and low and behold, a definite tongue and lip tie! Once I did a full exam I noticed how restricted he will be when it comes to eating, etc. The pain had increased for me to the point that I was having vasospasms. I working on his latch for about a month and got to a place of  pain-free nursing.

His pediatrician thought he had decent mobility (umm, hello. Look who you are talking to lady. I can do an oral mechanism exam in my sleep and this is not what I would call good mobility). Anyway, after an ENT consult, I ended up just taking him to a pediatric dentist in the area. He is well known for tongue revisions and uses a laser. Which brings us to Saturday. We had a couple of chiropractic appointments for D to make sure he was adjusted before and after the procedure. It was a pretty miserable procedure, thankfully it lasted less than 5 minutes. We have to do stretches a few times a day and I am starting to work on his latch again. While he now has mobility, he had nearly 6 months of compensatory strategies that he no longer needs.

Today, we head back to the pediatric GI/Integrative Peds doc. It seems like we have had a zillion appointments for this boy, and I know this is nothing compared to what other parents go through!